Treadmill Hill Intervals

This morning I woke up before the sun was even peaking out of the sky. I sipped on green tea while I figured out what to do for a workout. For breakfast I made oatmeal with ground flax, cinnamon, and chopped apple. It was the perfect breakfast. I love cinnamon with oatmeal, flax seed helps with digestion, and the apple makes it just sweet enough.


Then I got ready and headed over to the gym in my new sneaks! At the gym I did a 20 minute warmup on the elliptical, basically alternating between resistances 8 through 12 to get a sweat going. Then I did this speedy arms/abs circuit:


It was great to break up my cardio with this, and although its a pretty quick circuit it’s very effective!

Then It was on to the treadmill for some hills. I put together this Treadmill Hill Workout to beat treadmill boredom and tone the glutes!


Phew! Hills are great! It’s a total of 20 minutes with lots of hills. I did a 5 minute jog/walk afterwords, then stretched. 🙂

And this is what I’m digging into now for lunch! A spring mix salad with sweet yellow tomatoes, chickpeas, olives, and balsamic vinegar. I like using a splash of balsamic vinegar instead of oily, processed salad dressings because it’s only 1 ingredient and has tons of flavor, so you don’t need to put on too much. A clean salad with lots of flavor, vitamins, fiber, and protein.


YUM! Have a great, healthy, happy Tuesday 🙂 !



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