Back to the “Zoo”

After walking Hershey and Parker around my neighborhood this morning, it was time to pack up the car and head back to school. I love home, but I was really excited to get back to Umass and it’s awesome recreation center (my second home!). So I said “so long” to the apple orchard, my bright pink bedroom, and the doggies and packed up my stuff for an hour drive east. And check out the new kicks!

Nice and bright, and they feel amazing. I was so over-due for a new pair of running shoes, it must have been a year or more since I switched it up (not good!). When we got to school, I went to the grocery store to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and other healthy stuff. Here’s some of the things I bought:

I’m planning on eating lots of veggies, fruits, beans, almonds and green tea all week long 🙂 . As for workouts, I’m kicking it into high-gear tomorrow so stay tuned for some super treadmill/elliptical/strength workouts coming your way. Happy Columbus Day! Hope everyone has had a great family weekend.


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