Harvest Festival Fun

The air smells like Autumn leaves and it’s been such a fun weekend at home. Yesterday my mom and I took my little cousins- Ben and Amy- to the town Harvest Festival. There were lots of games like the “Pumpkin Toss” and a “Hay Maze” which was really fun for them, and there were all sorts of handmade jewelry, scarves and treats to buy. This is why I love Fall, there’s so many fun festivals and things to do with family. It also gets me so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas 😀 !! Today my mom and I took Ben and Amy to see “Hotel Transylvania” which was so funny and cute. If you haven’t seen it I totally recommend it for any age- I couldn’t stop laughing. This is my cousin Ben, every two minutes he’d look up at me and say “pick me up”. What a cutie!

On to today’s sweaty treadmill workout…
This morning I combined my favorite treadmill intervals to make my workout 40 minutes long, then added a little hill walkin’ at the end as a cool down.


It was one of the best treadmill runs I’ve had in a while, woohoo 😉 . Then I did an Ab Pyramid circuit to get some core work in.


It was a great workout!

I’m off to go cuddle with this crazy dog, and maybe take him for a long walk to get rid of his energy. Look at that face, he’s unbelievable. One-of-a-kind I tell ya!




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