Coffee Mug Parfait

Coffee Mug Parfait

You’re probably looking at this picture like “What the $#&@! did she eat?”, it was soo good tho I swear. But first, todays workout! This morning I completed a 30 minute total body circuit that I put together last night. I called it the “2 Minute Circuit”, which is deceiving because its not just 2 minutes long 😉 . There’s 10 moves, 2 minute non-stop reps each. The ” * ” is for moves with dumbbells:
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Squats w/ abduction and lateral raise *
3. Biceps Curls *
4. Burpees
5. Sumo Squats *
6. Tricep Pushups
7. Lunges w/ Front Kick *
8. High knees/Butt kicks
9. Plank hold
10. Side leg slimmer
– Do each move non-stop for 2 minutes, then repeat the circuit doing each move non-stop for 1 minute for a 30 minute workout.
– For the Sumo squats and Lunges w/ front kick just hold the weights for added strength.
I was so sweaty before the first circuit was even done, 2 minutes of burpees was insane!
After my workout I made hazelnut coffee and this Coffee Mug Parfait. I microwaved 1 packet of Plain Quaker Oats topped with 1/2 cup frozen strawberries. The strawberries get warm and sweeten up the oatmeal. Then I topped the oatmeal in my coffee mug with fat free vanilla yogurt, a spoonful of nutella and decorated it with blueberries. Hmmm… looks like rabbit poo on top? I know I can make these concoctions look so appetizing! 😉 .
Ahh, I’m so glad my workout is done and now I can focus on homework and relaxing. Happy Wednesday!


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