Butter Croissant Sandwich

I’ve been dying to try this sandwich from the school cafe, so forgetting to bring a lunch to campus today was fine by me! It’s made with a butter croissant and stuffed with turkey, cheese, lettuce an tomato. Croissants are probably the best kind of pastry-bread to make sandwiches out of, so delish. Maybe I’ll have to pick some up at the store later. I just finished my second class of the day, and it got me thinking about the future. The discussion In my nutrition seminar today was all about what students can do as a career with a nutrition major. Students can get their RD or licensure and/or go on to grad school for another specialty relating to nutrition. My professor kept saying how having her own nutrition business was “fun”- and I really think it would be too! I think that I want to become a licensed nutritionist and incorporate my personal training/ fitness certificates into my career. My dream is to have my own nutrition practice and be able to help people live healthier/ happier lives. I’m so excited to learn more about nutrition and gain more experience in fitness :). Any opinions about the health/ fitness career field?



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