Nutella Waffles with Strawberry Syrup

Nutella Waffles with Strawberry Syrup

It’s chilly outside, but these waffles warmed me up and sweetened up the morning after today’s workout 😉 . I was sooooo cozy in bed and just wanted to stay there until class at 11, but I somehow managed to lace up my shoes and get my butt movin’. Todays workout was a 30 minute run outside with a few gradual hills, and an ab workout. The ab workout looked like this:
* 1 set of “Tenders”:
– 10 crunches, 10 bent leg raises, 10 bicycles, 10 straight leg raises, 10 crunches to the left, 10 crunches to the right, 10 regular crunches, 10 scissors.
*Planks: 30 seconds left side, then go right into 30 seconds regular, and right into 30 seconds right side. Take 1 minute rest and repeat planks.
*Crunches: 2 minutes non-stop, not too fast
And stretch good!

Now to the waffles (Mmm!). This recipe is similar to the blueberry waffles from a few days ago, and it’s super easy. I heated up 1/2 cup frozen strawberries in the microwave with 2 teaspoons of maple syrup. It took about 1 minute 30 seconds to warm up. I topped the hot strawberry syrup over two toasted “Van’s Lite Waffles”, and put a nice spoonful of nutella on the side. As you can probably tell, I’m really good I burning the edges of my waffles! Any fruit can really be added to the microwave with the syrup, I think bananas and peanut butter would be a great topping too! 🙂 I also made a delicious cup of pumpkin spice coffee, and added a dash of cinnamon to it. If you didn’t know- cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, can lower bad cholesterol and is anti-inflammatory. Good stuff right?! Well I’m off to get ready for my Nutrition class to learn about protein function in the body- maybe I’ll be back with some fun facts ;). Have a great Tuesday!


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