How to Flip a Huge Omelet Dilemma

How to Flip a Huge Omelet Dilemma

I’m pretty close to clueless when it comes to cooking. I can make vegetable stir fries, potatoes, eggs, and easy things, but my history with cooking hasn’t always been too fascinating. Tonight I was slightly proud to put together what I would call home-fry potatoes, and man were they good! So for anyone who actually knows how to cook potatoes the right way, or any pro-cooks out there, just don’t judge too harshly ;).
Breakfast for dinner is my fave, so tonight I chopped one large potato, seasoned it with Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning (it has things like onions, garlic, lemon, & thyme in it) and cooked them in olive oil on the stove top. I had no idea how long to cook the potatoes so it was all an experiment. You’d think with all of my easy recipe research lately that I would look up how to cook home-fries for real! After a few minutes I decided the oven might be a better idea (learned that from Mom). So I stuck them in there while I cooked up some broccoli and spinach for an omelet. In the middle of my omelet-cookin’, I realized that most of my omelets turn into oddly scrambled eggs with mixed veggies- I mean seriously how do you flip a huge omelet with a little spatula. My frying pan is just about 3 sizes too big! Despite all of my cooking dilemmas, everything was delicious anyway, and the potatoes weren’t a complete fail! Anyone have a good potato recipe? I’ve got 4 more in the fridge to use up- or, hey, if anyone wants Oddly-Scrambled-Omelets and Experimental-Homefries come on over 😉 . (ohhh I’m hopeless, i know….)


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