Crazy for Cardio Circuit

Crazy for Cardio Circuit

Who needs a treadmill when you have your own body and these crazy cardio moves?! This cardio circuit sure did get me out of bed and sweatin’ this morning. I did a set of this then did a total body circuit that I found in a Women’s Healthy mag, which is the link you’ll find in my next post. The cardio circuit is 9 minutes long, and the total body circuit was 8 minutes long. So I completed 2 sets of each for a 34 minute workout, and watched the sweat drip from my face 😉 . No breakfast picture today, but I did make something pretty delish- An egg white omelet with 1 cup egg whites and a handful of spinach. Then a toasted lite waffle topped with 1 teaspoon nutella, and- of course- pumpkin spice coffee. As the first day of October, I’m planning my week of workouts and making vegetables a priority at each meal :). Hope everyone’s fueling their day right, Happy Monday!


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