Noon Eggs and Protein

Noon Eggs and Protein

After scrambling around all morning before my first Microbiology Exam, I needed a serious break! This is what my morning looked like: I woke up to a grey, rainy day, I crammed every last ounce of studying in that I could before 10am, spilled coffee all over my notes šŸ˜„ , tried to dress appropriately for the rain and look semi-presentable (didn’t happen), then took my test (either aced it or blew it!). Well, now I’m trying to de-fluster myself and get pumped to workout! So I made this Whey Protein shake with almond milk and flax. Then an egg white pita with hummus. The protein shake is 1 scoop of Six Star Whey Protein Vanilla powder, 1 cup unsweetend almond milk, 1 tablespoon of ground flax (for added nutrition). The Pita Pocket is made with 1 whole grain pita stuffed with 1/2 a cup of egg whites, and 1 tablespoon of roasted red pepper hummus. Very yummy! I’m currently eating this and blasting techno music to get me in the workout mode šŸ˜‰ Today’s Workout post coming soon!


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