Autumn Morning Run & Waffles

Autumn Morning Run & Waffles

It was a cold Fall morning, the sun was barely rising and i just wanted to cling to my fuzzy blanket for hours. When my alarm went off I allowed myself to enjoy 5 more minutes of fuzzy-blanket-cuddling and then I laced up my running shoes. Today’s run was just a relaxing fun run, I walked for 5 minutes to get my blood flowin’ ran my neighborhood loop for 15 minutes and walked for 5 to slow down. Then it was back inside to do a few free- weight exercises, planks and stretch.
But to the exciting part- breakfast. I filled my mustache mug with steamy pumpkin spice coffee, toasted 2 whole grain light waffles, and made egg whites. To make my plate look prettier I sliced a few strawberries- bon appetit! I have to say these waffles are the best frozen waffles I’ve ever had and they’re only 70 cals each with tons of fiber and protein! I love finding great foods like this 🙂


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