Vanilla Oatmeal and Workout

Vanilla Oatmeal and Workout

It’s another week! You know what that means- lots of fitness and lots of coffee ;). As You can see my coffee in the picture is over half way gone- I downed it! Today I made Kashi Go Lean vanilla oatmeal, it’s filled with protein and fiber. I put 1/2 cup of almond milk mixed with one packet of oatmeal and 1/2 of a banana, and cooked it for 1:15 in the microwave. The almond milk makes the oatmeal creamy and has lots of vitamin D, calcium and antioxidants. There’s nothin like warm, creamy oatmeal and a toasty coffee on a cold fall morning- It was 39 degrees this morning. But before this delicious ole cup of oats I sweat it out with a circuit workout. I was done before 7am (whooph!).
Today’s workout was quite the challenge, the high knees, mountain climbers and jump squats really got my heart pumpin’!! Here’s the workout:

1 min. high knees
1 min. jumping jacks
1 min. front kicks
1 min. skaters
1 min. butt kicks
1 min. lunges (right leg)
1 min. mountain climbers
1 min lunges (left leg)
1 min. mountain climbers
10 tricep pushups (on knees)
15 curls (go slowly, feel the burn!)
repeat tricep pushups and curls.
30 sec. squats
30 sec. squat jumps
repeat squats and squat jumps
1 minute plank

Rest for 1-2 minutes

Then do the circuit again but with 40 seconds instead of 1 minute
and repeat again with 25 seconds instead of 40 seconds.
This circuit is a little around 30 minutes.

I think I’ll go have another cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee (oh how I love the Fall season 🙂 ). Have a great monday everyone!


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