Brownie Bowl- Healthified!

Tonight’s dinner was a simple combo of veggie soup, pita and hummus but I’m way too excited to skip ahead to dessert! The BEST brand of brownies in my eyes is No Pudge Brownies. Seriously all you have to do is add yogurt, they’re fat free, fudgy and just amazing. On the box it tells you how to make a single serving, and it’s dangerously easy. All you do is add a couple tablespoons of brownie mix and add a tablespoon of yogurt, mix it, microwave it and vuala! A warm fudgy brownie for you to dig into. So tonight that’s exactly what I did, I made the brownie in a mini bowl, topped it with a small scoop of ice cream and added a spoonful of that biscoff spread from my last post. This is one keeper of a dessert. Brownie Sunday- healthified! And now I’m remembering how my mom used to layer No Pudge Brownies with fat free pudding and cool whip in a big glass dish….( đŸ˜‰ Oh the possibilities!!). Well, with that thought I’m ready to take on a night of studying while day-dreaming about potential healthified brownie bowl recipes. What’s your favorite healthy dessert?



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