Lots of Runnin’ !

Lots of Runnin' !

Basically every Saturday of the Fall I will be losing my voice cheering at my brother’s high school cross country meets. Nothing excites me more, because I ran xc in high school and was not too shabby at it 😉 . I remember those nerves before races, how the xc team felt like family, the crazy workouts, and fun pasta parties. Literally all of my major high school memories revolve around cross country, and I still use lessons I learned from xc in my daily life (it definitely built my character). So it didn’t surprise me that seeing him run got my adrenalin going, I’m so proud of him and want him to do so well! I cheered him on at the 1/2 mile and 2.5 mile markers saying “You look Strong! Relax those shoulders! Keep it up!”. Watching the girl’s xc teams line up at the start realllllyyy got me excited- it brought back so many memories. When I look at pictures from my xc days I can remember exactly how I was feeling, what I ate before the race, who I wanted to beat, etc etc. I can remember the courses and me telling myself mantras like “relax your shoulders” “quick feet” “toe up”. Being at my brother’s races has reinforced to me the importance of setting fitness goals, making fitness a group activity, and how saying mantras help a ton! It’s important to have a support group that helps you stay committed to your workouts- family, friends, a spouse. And even though I’m not on an xc team anymore I always have an imaginary coach on my shoulder reminding me to push myself and not give up! Keep up the good work people!


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