Kale and Protein Pasta Bowl

Kale and Protein Pasta Bowl

After taking 2 hours to go through my Nutrition class notes, make flash cards, and write about stuff like the benefits of whole grains and essential fatty acids, I was seriously ready for FOOD. Tonight I made grilled chicken, broccoli, onions, cherry tomatoes, and kale to top over Barilla Protein Plus Angel Hair pasta. The grilled chicken was from Tyson’s grilled and ready frozen brand (hey I’m a college kid I’m all for the easy-way-out as long as it’s semi-healthy 😉 ). It seems healthy with 100 calories, 2 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein. I mistakingly cooked the onions and kale together first, burning some of the kale- woops! Chef in training here! Next time I’ll cook the onions for a couple minutes, throw the chicken in, then the veggies after a few minutes. The Angle Hair pasta was delish and it’s whole grain with lots of protein. I dressed my dish with light balsamic vinaigrette, although I would’ve just topped it with a little parmesan cheese if I had any. Not a bad dish for a college kid on a sunday night! Well, back to studying for me- wishing I had my two labs here so I could go on an after-dinner walk!!


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