Don’t Let Anything Set You Back.

Don't Let Anything Set You Back.

Happy Fall everyone! A couple days ago was the first day of Fall- my favorite season ever :). There’s nothing like the crisp air, foliage, and fall festivities (5K foliage race anyone?!). In celebration of my favorite season I have made one true goal for myself: to start off my days- 5-6 days a week- every morning by working out! I have a variety of strength circuits and running workouts planned, and I really want to commit myself to my plan. It’s amazing when 3pm comes around and I’m like “hey I already worked out!” So I can grab and coffee and get some homework done early (…or paint my nails, you know 😉 ). Anyway, today was my official start of that goal! I woke up this morning, feeling not so into working out. First of all I was up until 4am because my neighbors were talking loud and playing music…. and I have been sick for 5 days. I seriously didn’t want to do the running route I had planned for this morning- UGH. So as I was rummaging through my Fitness Pinterest board to find another workout I came across the picture from my last post “Keep Calm and Get Fit”. I took a deep breath, told myself I would be proud after, closed my macbook and laced up my running shoes. I warmed up by walking for 4 minutes, and planned on just doing a walk run to go easy on my sick lungs, but I ended up running my whole route which was about 30 minutes, and I picked up the pace for a 1/4 mile at the end. I stretched good after and did a set of Tenders (ab workout #7 on the circuit page).

Then- Breakfast. Yumm! My parents treated me to a whole foods shopping spree last night so I am one happy camper. Today I made an Egg and Cheese Quesadilla. It’s so simple and delicious- Just take 1/2 cup egg whites, scramble them in your frying pan, then fill a whole wheat pita with the egg whites and a slice of your favorite cheese. You can melt the cheese and warm the pita in the pan too. Today I used vegetarian sharp cheddar cheese and a whole foods whole wheat pita. I seasoned the egg whites with Mrs. Dash Original Salt-Free Blend to add flavor. And Take a look at my new coffee mug! My dad gave it to me because he knows I’m obsessed with mustaches (I have a mustache flask too 😉 !!). The thought for today is “If your sick of having set-backs with your health/fitness routine, then Don’t Let Anything Set You Back.” I’ll cheers my mustache mug to that! 🙂 How do you resist set-backs and stay committed to your fitness goals? And, Do you have a favorite coffee mug?!


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