Today’s Workout and Discovery

Today's Workout and Discovery

Today I woke up and did a circuit workout (check it out on MyLog) and then went for a nice morning run to get fresh air. Ahhhh it was such a nice morning, the cool air, light breeze and peace. There were barely any cars out- just me and the road. I was just planning on running my normal route on paved roads, until I came across this trail. Trail Running?! LOVE IT! I had no idea where this would take me, but I was really curious so I took “Skillings Path”. There’s nothing like trail running, the dirt is soft, you can feel the leaves crunching under your shoes, it’s shady, and scenic. Turns out that this is just a short path which took me over to the next street, but I’ll take it! It made my run more fun and now I know that I can run through it to get to the next neighborhood. And what do ya know- when the path ended and I was in the next neighborhood, I came across a sign in someone’s yard about a 5K Fall Foliage Race! I’ve been wanting to find a foliage race, and now I’ve got it! Wow, what a great workout and a great morning. You really never know where your morning workout will take you 😉 . Have a great Saturday everyone!


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