Egg White, Hummus and Spinach Sandwich

Egg White, Hummus and Spinach Sandwich

Good Morning! It’s thursday, and the weekend is closer 🙂 Today I woke up with my cold symptoms again so I drank more AirBorne, and I’m going to be sure to drink plenty of water and green tea today. I started off the day with this Egg White, Hummus and Spinach Sandwich. It’s balanced with protein and carbs, and verrrryyy tasty! I made it with one toasted english muffin, as much spinach as I could fit, 1/4 cup cooked egg whites, and 1 tablespoon of hummus. I also added ketchup (I can’t have eggs without ketchup!). I wanted to get flax seed into my diet today so I mixed two tablespoons of ground flax with a cup of original unsweetened almond milk. Flax seed and almonds are great super-foods. In the “Eat Clean Diet- Just The Rules” book by Tosca Reno, she writes “We know that 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed every morning will help you create the healthiest body with the best digestion”. I’ll cheers to that! Flax helps clear out your intestines, which means it’s clearing out toxins and helping what you eat move through you. It’s a natural intestine cleanser, preventing diseases and cancer. So that is why I’m adamant about getting in flax every day- it’s so good for you! Time to get ready for the day, and I’m feeling energized for it. Be back soon with more healthy fit stuff!


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