Super Sweaty Circuit

Super Sweaty Circuit

I found this circuit workout on pinterest, and it’s a great combo of strength and cardio. Today I went out for a 20 minute jog to get myself warm and ready, then came inside and got this bad boy started.

1. 15 Squat Jumps
2. 5 pushups
3. 25 high knees
4. 7 burpees
5. 10 lunges (each side)
6. 7 squats
7. 5 pushups
8. 10 lunges (each side)
9. 5 pushups
10. 7 squats
11. 15 squat jumps
12. 1 minute wall sit
13. 5 pushups
14. 25 high knees
15. 15 side crunches (each side)

Wooph! Just reading that makes me sweat. Circuits are a great way to try something different, build strength, and boost your metabolism. I repeated this circuit 2 times through after my 20 minute run, then cooled down and stretched out good. It’s good to recover for 2 minutes between circuit and drink water!


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