Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

Today was an early start! My coffee maker isn’t working so I had to get to starbucks before I cooked breakfast. For breakfast I made a fried egg sandwhich using nonfat cooking spray, 1 egg and a light english muffin. Instead of toasting the bread I just put everything in the pan to warm it up. I also sided the egg sandwhich with a cup of blueberries (antioxidants!), and indulged in my dark roast coffee.
After this its off to class, and I’m so excited today because I’m volunteering to help out in a Nutrition Class for freshman and sophomores today. I have to grade their food diaries and get to talk to them about the right portion sizes for a healthy diet. Talking about nutrition seriously gets me going. My brother is a wrestler in high school and sometimes he asks for my advice about how to make weight the right way, and I literally could go on and on. So today should be a good “hump-day”, but I have so much work to do! I’ll catch up with you later for lunch, a daily dose of motivation, and a seriously sweaty workout. Have a great morning!


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