…and snack time

...and snack time

After downing two doses of AirBorne I was ready to relax for a little bit after a pretty full day. Hummus is soooo sooo good, and my favorite brand so far is Cedar’s Roasted Red Pepper hummus. I like it better than Sabra because it has less fat and calories, and it just seems more natural- maybe there’s less ingredients. Anyway, I had sesame rice crackers, Cedar’s hummus, and 1 cup of steamed broccoli. Rice crackers are great because they have barely any fat- you can have 16 crackers for the same calories as 6 potato chips. They are also gluten free, and you can eat them by themselves, with salsa, soup, salad, hummus, cheese… so tastey, crunchy and delicious. I’m also obsessed with Cranberry-Lime Seltzer. Love it! Thank God for snacks, especially today. Time to workout! and I’m feeling some veggie soup later. Warm and comfy cold remedy please?


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